Educational and motivational Entertainment – Learn about your subconscious mind. 

Juliet is the first female hypnomentalist in the world. She performs psychological entertainment shows in German, Russian and English. Her one-woman psychological entertainment shows are suitable for full stage shows, corporate events, trade shows, product launches, weddings, social events and closed private events. Juliet’s shows have nothing in common with a typical comedy hypnosis show.  Her shows are designed to illustrate sense and meaning and at no time embarrass any audience member. Juliet is aware of different cultural nuances world-wide, as she carefully tailors her shows with her clients for special occasions. You can always count on her professionalism and discretion. In Juliet’s show you will experience the seemingly impossible; Juliet does not claim to have any supernatural powers. However, she does have hypnotic skills.  In her show she will use her mind and your mind to blow everyone’s mind away!  Be ready to discover your talents and your true passion in life.


VISION – The Key to Your Mind

Experience the power of visualization

VISION will open your mind. It will take you on a captivating journey through the human mind, demonstrate the power of visualization and create an experience that will make you question the limitations of your own mind. Allow yourself to be mesmerized while taking an active part in the show. The show will activate your five senses and lift your mind, body and spirit. Let’s take a look inside a beautiful mind – your mind!

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One-Woman Show

The unforgettable experience

Juliet designs her shows to educate and illustrate the beauty and power of the human mind. Her repertoire is a blend of mind reading, NLP, hypnosis, body language reading, telekinesis, misdirection and showmanship – the female intuition at its best. Juliet had experience on various international stages including Las Vegas, New York, Germany, Oman, Pakistan and Dubai.

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Tune into the best version of yourself

Feel inspired, motivated and astonished!

You will be inspired to tune into the best version of yourself. Our mind is like a radio, which can be tuned into any frequency. Witness how strong the human mind is. Allow your intuition and subconsciousness to guide you. You are the captain of your own ship! Choose your course. Develop your abilities. Let Juliet mesmerize you! Send your booking inquiry now!