Growing Up

Juliet Arndt is a German Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy and certified hypnotherapist. She also graduated from an American university with a bachelor degree in international business management.
Juliet grew up with hypnosis always being a vital part of her life. Her German grandmother, who was a healer and hypnotist honed Juliet’s hypnotic skills.  Juliet spent many winter evenings watching her grandmother perform rituals and experienced how people were able to shift their perceptions and develop a stronger mind. Her grandmother’s message was to believe in the power of alignment of your mind, body and soul as it creates a clear system for thought and action.

Juliet’s interest in hypnosis grew and she began to expand her knowledge in areas of stage hypnosis. She studied with the world-renowned  masters to polish her craft.  

Becoming International

After graduation, she worked as a journalist. Her international career has sharpened her empathy and intuition and coined her with life experience from Dubai to Jakarta. Her work in media took her all over the world and opened her mindset to different cultures. She lived and worked in various countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Hundreds of interviews with high-ranking politicians and business people honed Juliet’s skills and led her to her passion to study the human mind and crystallize the criteria that are essential for one’s success.

Here and Now

Today, Juliet is a German certified hypnotherapist, healing practitioner (Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy), mentalist and keynote speaker. She speaks fluent English, German and Russian. She successfully practices hypnotherapy and performs self-produced psychological entertainment / mentalism shows on various stages internationally. Her shows are educational, fascinating, motivational and inspirational. Juliet’s extraordinary ability is her power to create magical moments with the audience while leaving a positive footprint in their lives long after the curtains fall. Juliet is open for bookings and performing hypnosis shows across Europe, Russia, the USA as well as Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, and Mumbai.

Currently Juliet is in Dubai and her vision is to entertain the UAE audience as the female mentalist, mind illusionist, mind magician and mind reader.
Juliet’s vision is to unite the world – to give hope – to establish bridges between countries.

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