Today people are expected to produce great results fast. Increased global competition has put more pressure on companies and its employees to increase performance. Therefore, the competitive edge has become more important than ever. To maintain confident and balanced under pressure, your own vision has to remain clear and your mind has to be free of blockages.

Systematic Coaching

Juliet Arndt offers International Business Coaching in English and German. German System Business Coaching will help you discover the power of authenticity in business and private life. Profit from her effective coaching strategies and techniques by taking your company to the next level through effective communications and inspiring every employee with the vision of your company! Juliet Arndt knows what it means to conduct negotiations in an international environment at the highest level of professionalism. Her authentic personality, her passion, and her skill-set will inspire you to achieve your goals with passion and ease. Juliet’s mission is to share your vision:

  fulfill your vision authentically

  identify your key resources

  become sustainable

Listen with your eyes

You only need a few seconds to scan and analyze your business partner or a potential client. Most of the scanning and analyzing happens on a subconscious level. We scan body movements, gestures, facial expressions, patterns of the speech, the sound of the voice to identify authenticity. We can through the business attire, haircut, nails, shoes and many other details that give us clues and ideas of the person in front of us.

Are you using the ‘scanning and analyzing’ tool effectively? Are you able to deliver the right message through nonverbal communication?

In order to make decisions, it’s crucial to be able to understand the signals your conversation partner is sending you. Just as important as to learn how to send the right signals. Learn to think like a mentalist! Learn the art of interpreting and using nonverbal communication such as body language, use of space, facial expressions, gestures to become a fast and effective decision maker.

Develop effective sales techniques and negotiation skills

If the training in your company is outdated and you still try to “pitch” your prospects through the power of manipulation, you will soon realize that your style is not sustainable in the modern business world.

Discover the newest sales techniques that will put your company on the next level. I will work with your team as well as with each team member individually to develop a strong connection to the product or service you are providing.

Together, we will identify your winning strategy and build a strong company with an unshakable foundation that is based on authenticity, discipline, devotion and passion. We’ll create a strong, sustainable company through core values that will serve you and your customers. My promise to you is – engaged and inspired you will enjoy every second the process of maximizing your own powers. Let’s work together to make a difference with passion, meaning and devotion!

Business Coaching Topics


Stress management
Self-marketing and positioning
Maximization of potential


Effective team building
Art and power of authenticity
Burnout prevention
Development of core competencies and strengths


Presentation and appearance
Authentic communication
Conflict behavior and resolution
Body language, gestures, and facial expressions