Juliet’s international career in the field of media enabled her to experience the world. She lived and worked in various countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, USA and Europe. Hundreds of interviews with politicians and CEOs inspired her to deeper study the human mind and crystallize the criteria that are essential for one’s success. Her authentic personality, per passion and her skill-set, will inspire you to reach your goals. Juliet Arndt is a charismatic motivational keynote speaker. Her motivational talks combine story-telling and psychological experiments. This combination will leave you and your guests vowed. She gifts every listener in her audience with unique ideas, motivating impulses, infinite inspiration and useful mental techniques. Her astounding mental experiments awaken the perception, activate all five senses and promote creative thinking. Enjoy a tailor-made speech designed for your company or industry and a keynote speaker that will captivate your audience and anchor your product in people’s minds. Convey your message with Juliet and create an event that your guests will always remember.

Keynote Speech Request

3 Keynote Speeches

  • The hidden secrets of hypnosis – The key to your and everybody else’s mind
  • How to influence people – Think like a mentalist
  • The power of intuition in decision-making

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