Juliet Arndt is a professional and certified hypnotherapist, life coach, hypnotist from Germany, who is currently living in Dubai. Hypnotherapy has always been a vital part of her life. Her German grandmother was a healer and hypnotist and honed Juliet’s hypnotic skills and the power of her intuition.

Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, Juliet’s international media career coined her with unforgettable experience from all over the world. Juliet Arndt holds a degree in International Business Management, a medical Heilpraktiker (healing practitioner) for Psychotherapy degree and a Hypnotherapy degree from Germany. Her authentic personality, her passion, and her experience will help you to achieve your goals with passion and ease.

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Hypnosis Therapy Sessions

Juliet is specialized in cognitive coaching along with hypnosis. Her hypnotherapy sessions are customized to your specific needs whether you are looking to address burnout, anxiety, weight issues, relationship issues, phobia, confidence issues, to stop smoking or to increase sales skills. Juliet’s mission is to help you achieve results and overcome your challenges in the most effective way. She has the ability to touch you at your core and to provoke the desired change. With Juliet, you will experience hypnosis at the highest level of professionalism. For more information and a free consultation, please visit her Hypnosis Website.